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Celebrating the Trailblazing Women Leading the Way in A-League Refereeing

Football Australia has taken a significant step towards promoting gender inclusivity and diversity in football officiating by announcing the elite referees nominated for the 2023/24 A-League seasons (Football Australia Media Release).

A remarkable cohort of women has broken gender barriers and made history in Australian football refereeing, and it is heartening to see their dedication and talent being recognised. Kate Jacewicz, Sarah Jones, Joanna Charaktis, Lara Lee, Casey Reibelt, and Anna-Marie Keighley are among the notable women referees who have been nominated for the upcoming Isuzu UTE A-League Men season. Their contributions to the sport are nothing short of inspiring, and they are not just referees but trailblazers who are making history and breaking down gender barriers in football.

These remarkable women are paving the way for future female referees and demonstrating their expertise and excellence on the football pitch. Their achievements serve as role models, mentors, and leaders, proving that gender should never be a limitation in pursuing one's passion. Their journey is a testament to the power of determination and talent in breaking barriers and achieving excellence.

Football Australia's commitment to promoting inclusivity and excellence in refereeing is commendable, and their nomination of these women is a step towards a more level playing field.

As the Liberty A-League Women and Isuzu UTE A-League Men seasons kick off, let us all celebrate these incredible women who are making history and contributing to the evolution of Australian football refereeing. Their presence on the pitch enriches the game we all love, and they are living proof that football is for everyone, regardless of gender.

We applaud these professionals for their outstanding contributions to the sport and for being champions of change. We are excited to witness their continued success and positive impact on football officiating. They have demonstrated that passion, skill, and determination can break down barriers and achieve excellence. We hope their journey inspires the current generation of female referees and future generations.

View the full panel here.

Photo: Kate Jacewicz W-League - Emily Mogic


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