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Women Onside focuses on policy development and advocacy, professional development, and networking for special interest groups to achieve our goals.

Our vision

Women in football everywhere.

Our mission

To significantly improve engagement, access, opportunity and empowerment for all women involved in football.

To inform

  • Provide a platform for connection and knowledge sharing among members

  • Conduct workshops and training for emerging talent in all areas

  • Encourage and publicise employment opportunities for women

  • Undertake and communicate research into women in football and women’s football

To inspire

  • Share stories of women in all segments of the game

  • Provide access for our members to leading figures of the game

  • Provide a forum for networking, story-telling and mutual support / Provide opportunities for women in football to network and support each other

To influence

  • Engage with football stakeholders to develop inclusion initiatives and improved resourcing for women in the game

  • Call out discrimination and systemic bias  

  • Advocate to effect positive change


Our Purpose is to pursue the advancement of women in football in Australia.

We work on behalf of women referees, coaches, players, administrators and other participants at all levels and organisations, including:

  • advocating for the inclusion, development, promotion and better resourcing of women in football and women’s football

  • promoting positive values in regard to women and football, including support for human rights for women, diversity and acceptance, co-operation

  • establishing, facilitating and supporting networks of Members, including geographically based chapters, special interest groups and working groups to support, educate and encourage women referees, coaches, players and administrators and others at all levels

  • facilitating and undertaking research and policy development in regard to women’s football and women in football

  • facilitating and undertaking programs and outreach activities to support women’s football and women in football

  • facilitating and providing communication opportunities for women’s football and women in football

  • engaging with football clubs, supporters clubs, governing and competition bodies, governments, player and coaches associations, media organisations, community groups, commercial firms and other stakeholders to facilitate and undertake activities for the advancement of women in football

  • assisting in funding organisations and individuals in personal and professional development relating to women’s football and women in football

Our constitution

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