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Onside Mentoring Profile: Molly and Heather

Onside Mentoring provides a facilitated approach to mentoring for game-changing female leaders aiming to make a difference in football. Over the next few months, we will profile our 2022 mentees and their mentors - this month; we will meet Molly and Heather.

Molly is a journalist with a regional newspaper and an avid writer (predominantly on football), podcaster and youth coach. She is also the secretary for Women Onside, participating in Onside Mentoring as part of her professional development as she aims to broader her perspectives on different pathways within football.

Molly is seeking guidance on how best to use her law degree qualifications and skills through media while developing strategic networks and relationships within football outside of Tasmania and contemplating a change of direction with her career. Molly’s strengths include passion, consistency, encouraging others and football analysis.

Molly’s mentor, Heather, has more than 40 year’s involvement in football at every level, from local club to international mentor. She has been a player, coach, manager, senior executive leader and Director, including a board member with Women Onside.

Heather is sharing her overall lived experience in the game and expertise on regulatory matters with Molly to support and help her achieve her goals like having a solid understanding of the role of a company secretary as well as problem-solving on issues related to ‘where to from here for her next career move.


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