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Onside Mentoring Profile: Michelle & Jo

Onside Mentoring provides a facilitated approach to mentoring for game-changing female leaders aiming to make a difference in football. Over the next few months, we will profile our 2022 mentees and their mentors - this month; we will meet Michelle and Jo.

Michelle has a full-time public service job while upholding a strong, long-standing interest in the development and progression of women as referees and match officials. She is a former FIFA assistant referee, current referee coach/assessor, senior referee development officer and chair of a State Federation referee committee. Her strengths include courage, compassion, leadership skills and accountability.

Michelle aims to gain support and knowledge from a mentor with lived experience in the predominantly male football environment, especially refereeing. Through mentoring, she wants to build her confidence, be challenged to pursue continuous personal development and seek new opportunities to increase participation and high performance by women in refereeing.

Michelle’s mentor is Jo, one of the world’s leading football competition managers. Jo’s experience extends over decades, having started working in a professional capacity with a State federation, progressing to national office, national league and national team responsibilities. She is a dynamo in the realm of FIFA competitions and currently has an executive role with WWC2023.

By working with Michelle, Jo will be helping her to achieve her goals, including being confident to speak freely in meetings where she’s often the only female and working on a strategy for 100 female referees by 2025 in her State.


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