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Onside Mentoring Profile: Bella and Felicity

Onside Mentoring provides a facilitated approach to mentoring for game-changing female leaders aiming to make a difference in football. Over the next few months, we will profile our 2022 mentees and their mentors - this month; we will meet Bella and Felicity.

Bella is a paid employee of a club, association and federation focusing on social media, marketing and player development. As a volunteer, she is vice president of her local club, coaches blind and vision-impaired players, and does appointments for her referee’s association. Somehow, Bella also makes time to play in the NPL.

As a mentee, Bella hopes to enhance her strategic decision-making skills in her paid work, grow her leadership knowledge for board roles, develop her investigative thinking and connect with leaders for practical guidance, planning and goal setting. Her strengths include zest, honesty, leadership and hope. There’s no doubt she has real energy and excitement in her approach to life and her work in football.

Bella is being mentored by Felicity, who has a professional background in marketing, communications and sponsorship management. During her 16 years in the sports industry, she has worked for national league clubs in different sports, Arsenal football club and FIFA during several World Cups.

Using her strengths, which include relationship management, honesty and global experience, Felicity is developing her leadership skills by mentoring Bella to improve her governance skills, gain more knowledge about marketing and brand awareness, and become more confident in her ability to delegate, make executive decisions and market football in a meaningful effective way, particularly to blind and vision impaired participants.


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