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Deakin University Presents the Platform for Empowering Female Football Leaders

Women Onside are delighted that Deakin University, a global leader in sport research and education, will be the presenting partner of the Women in Football Leadership Conference in 2023 on 25th May 2023. As the host partner of the conference, Deakin University will generously support the event and provide cutting-edge technology tools to ensure broad access and engagement with female football leaders from Australia and around the world.

The 'Level Up! Women in Football Leadership Conference is a platform for women in football to network, learn, and share ideas on various topics such as leadership, governance, and management. Addressed by prominent speakers from Australia and worldwide, the conference provides a space for women to discuss their unique challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

Deakin, home to the world's best sport science school and currently ranked #7 in the world for sport education, offering students access to state-of-the-art courses and some of Australia's most advanced sports facilities and technology.

During this golden decade of sport, up to 30 major global events will be held in Australia, like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, creating thousands of jobs and turbo-charging careers in the sport industry. Deakin is committed to powering this next generation of sport leaders, providing the foundations and pathways required to take advantage of this unique moment in time.

"Thanks to Deakin University's generous support we can host the Level Up! Women in Football Leadership Conference online and ensure that women from all around Australia have access to attend the event. Their cutting-edge technology and expertise will enable us to create a successful event for female football leaders worldwide. We are incredibly grateful for their support," said Chair of Women Onside, Kerry Harris.

We are thrilled to have Deakin University as our presenting partner, and we look forward to collaborating with them on an impactful Women in Football Leadership Conference.


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