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Coaching resources from the France 2019 WWC

Updated: May 12, 2021

Technical Study Group report is a treasure trove for coaches

Women Onside was very excited to host a webinar on 28 March 2020 with the legendary April Heinrichs who presented her observations on the performance of teams in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

Women Onside was extremely pleased to present this rare opportunity for Australian coaches to access the latest technical information on elite women’s football.

Due to restrictions on copyright material this session was not recorded.

However, FIFA has published the Technical Study Group's report and it is a treasure trove of information about the performance of teams and players in the tournament. And not only is it a written report. There are direct links within the report to multiple high quality video clips showing examples of key aspects of matches, including goal analysis, building from the back, player movement and rotations, winning the ball back, attacking transitions and goalkeeping. And there are clips of ten players whose performance the TSG found particularly interesting.

We suggest that all coaches of women and girls teams should have a look at the report and see if there are ways they can use the video material in their player education.


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