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Christina Chipman


Christina Chipman is a creative, strategic marketing professional who builds strong relationships between purpose-led organisations and their communities.

Working initially in consumer marketing, Christina soon identified the potential power of media and marketing to create social change. She was determined to focus on campaigns and collaborations that would positively impact the world.

Now inspired by the many incredible women leading the way, Christina supports “football for good” and is a champion for equity, seeking to give every girl the same life-changing opportunities in football as the boys.

Christina is a FIFA WWC2023 volunteer and proud soccer mum in a passionate football family. She is incredibly excited to see the legacy that hosting the world’s best players will bring to Australia and loves to chat endlessly about the future of football marketing.

Over 20 years working with various corporate, SME and start-up businesses, including banking and financial services, outdoor leisure and sport, software, business advisory and real estate, Christina holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree from UTS. She works with private clients as a marketing consultant and business advisor.

Christina Chipman
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