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Cheryl Downes


Cheryl Downes is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a digital news platform which chronicles and promotes insightful, inclusive and respectful conversation about women’s football.

Previously, Cheryl was the Editor-in-Chief of The Women’s Game (TWG), where she managed a volunteer team of more than 30 contributors from around the world.  Cheryl led TWG to being named as a finalist for the Sport Australia Media Awards.  

Since leaving The Women’s Game to set up Beyond 90, Cheryl has continued to set standards in women’s football media coverage.  Under Cheryl’s leadership, Beyond 90 has emerged as the leading source for women’s football news in Australia, with the added bonus of nurturing young writing talent.

Professionally Cheryl is enmeshed in the world of IT, working as the Head of Quality (APAC) for a company that provides client services nationally and internationally, especially in the government sector.

Cheryl Downes
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