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Women Onside Director Updates

Today, we come bearing news of some significant changes within our incredible team of directors.

Firstly, a heartfelt farewell and immense gratitude to our esteemed Chair, Kerry Harris. Her dedication and leadership have been instrumental in steering Women Onside towards our current success. Kerry decided to step down at the end of her term and opted not to seek renomination. We extend our deepest thanks for her unwavering commitment and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Similarly, we bid farewell to Maria Berry, our inaugural Chair and Director, whose term has come to an end. Maria's contributions have been invaluable, and we appreciate her tireless efforts in shaping the trajectory of Women Onside. She, too, chose not to seek renomination, and we express our sincere gratitude for her outstanding service.

Additionally, we extend our thanks to Director Fatima Flores, whose term has expired. Fatima has played a crucial role in the growth of Women Onside, and her dedication has left an indelible mark.

Although Kerry, Maria and Fatima will no longer serve as Directors, they will still very much be part of Women Onside, offering their ongoing support and guidance as well as special projects.

With great pleasure, we announce Cheryl Downes as the new Chair of Women Onside. Previously serving as Deputy Chair, Cheryl brings a wealth of experience and a passion for our mission, and we are confident in her ability to lead us to new heights.

Joining Cheryl, we welcome two newly elected Directors to the board—Christina Chipman and Matthew Bradley. Christina was previously serving as an appointed Director while Matt joins with a keen interest in community coaching, safety, fairness and a focus on improving girls participation in football.

To Kerry, Maria, and Fatima: thank you for your outstanding contributions and dedication to Women Onside. Your impact will be remembered, and your legacy will continue to inspire us.

To Cheryl, Christina, and Matthew: we look forward to the exciting journey ahead under your guidance. Together, we will continue championing equality and empowerment in sports.


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