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Trailblazers: A must see

The release of the Stan Original documentary, Trailblazers, on 4 June 2024 marks a significant moment in the history of Australian women's football.

Trailblazers is a Stan Original documentary that chronicles the extraordinary journey of Australian women's football, capturing the spirit, struggles, and triumphs of the Matildas. Directed and co-produced by Maggie Miles and Maggie Eudes and produced by Lucy Maclaren, the film spans decades of perseverance, starting from the 1970s when the first FIFA-recognised game was played.

Trailblazers is a tribute to the resilience and determination of the Matildas, serving as a powerful reminder of how far women's football has come and the work that still needs to be done to achieve true equality. This inspiring film is now streaming on Stan, providing a must-watch account of the rise of Australian women's football and its impact on sports and society.

A Legacy of Perseverance and Triumph

"Trailblazers provides a 'must see' account of the journey of many individuals and how far women's football has come in Australia, particularly in recent decades," said Women Onside Director Heather Reid, encapsulating the essence of this powerful documentary.

The film is an ode to the pioneers who laid the groundwork for the successes we celebrate today. It charts the team's journey from the first FIFA-recognised game in 1979 through the early years of paying-to-play, the Matildas' strike for equal pay in 2015, their heartbreak at Tokyo 2020, and their historic co-hosting of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Capturing the Struggles and Triumphs

Trailblazers brings to life the personal stories of legends like Julie Dolan, Sam Kerr, Steph Catley, Mary Fowler, and Ellie Carpenter. The documentary doesn't shy away from the struggles and discrimination these women faced but also highlights their persistence, resilience, and the joyous moments that punctuated their journey.

"I was uplifted hearing the stories of our pioneers, and I shed a tear or two on account of hardship, discrimination, and persistence. I also laughed and smiled at various times. Well done to the all-female production team, especially the two Maggies, for bringing these important stories to life so the world can learn about the experiences of many trailblazers," Reid added. This sentiment is echoed by Women Onside Director Christina Chipman, who described the film as simply "Amazing!"

Impact Beyond the Screen

Beyond its streaming debut, Trailblazers is set to make a profound impact through an accompanying social impact campaign. Spearheaded by Documentary Australia and major partner MECCA M-POWER, the campaign will screen the documentary in schools, sporting associations, and other community groups. This initiative aims to inspire action and extend the conversation around gender equality in sports.

Lisa Kanani, Impact Director at Documentary Australia, stated, "This campaign for Trailblazers has enormous potential to bring about change for women and girls in sports and society more broadly. It will invite audiences to blaze a trail for gender equality in sport by taking action."

The impact campaign is bolstered by educational resources developed by, designed for students in grades 5 to 10. These resources include 15 free lesson plans tackling themes of gender equality, media bias, and representation, which will be available from 24 June. The goal is to inspire the next generation to continue the fight for equality and recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports.

As Women Onside Chair Cherly Downes aptly put it,

"Trailblazers is not just a documentary; it's a powerful reminder of the journey we've undertaken and a beacon of hope for the future of women's football in Australia."

Membership and Communications Coordinator Laura Noble added,

"It's inspiring to see how far we've come and motivates us to continue pushing for progress."

Trailblazers culminate in the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, a watershed moment that saw over 11 million Australians tune in, making it the largest recorded viewership in Australian television history. The documentary captures this journey's emotional highs and lows, leaving viewers with a profound sense of pride and anticipation for the future.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the Paris 2024 Olympics, Trailblazers serves as both a celebration of past achievements and a call to action for future progress. The Matildas' journey is far from over, and their story continues to inspire countless young girls to take up football and dream big.

Trailblazer is a must-watch for every fan of the Matildas and anyone interested in the broader narrative of gender equality in sports. It is a testament to the power of perseverance, the importance of community, and the enduring spirit of the trailblazers who paved the way for the Matildas' success. The Stan Original Documentary Trailblazers is now streaming only on Stan. Take advantage of this compelling and uplifting journey through Australian women's football history.

Join the Movement to Blaze a Trail for Gender Equality in Sport

Have you been inspired by the Australian Women's Football Team's battle to play on equal terms? Now is the time to continue their legacy and drive change for gender equality in our communities, clubs, schools, and organisations.

Join us in signing the Blaze a Trail commitment and gain access to resources and ways you can get involved to make a difference. The success of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup has shown what's possible with investment in women's and girls' sports, but challenges still exist. Girls participate in sports at significantly lower levels than boys, and female athletes receive less pay, support, and media attention at the elite level. Women are also underrepresented in leadership positions.

The Trailblazers campaign aims to build momentum for further progress in gender equality and leadership, supporting increased investment and opportunities for women and girls in sports.

Take the Blaze a Trail pledge today and join the movement to create a more equitable future in sports. Your involvement is crucial, whether you play, coach, volunteer, or support women's sports by watching and attending events. Let's set the record straight by improving the representation of women's sports in the media and inspiring classrooms to tackle gender equality, media bias, and representation. Lead the charge for gender equity in your organisation and invest in developing women's and girls' sports.

Share the film to support the Trailblazers impact campaign and connect audiences with meaningful actions for gender equality in sport and beyond. Sign up for news and follow Trailblazers on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the film and the campaign. Together, we can blaze a trail for a more inclusive and equitable future in sports.




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