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Statement on allegations of misconduct

Women Onside have today released a statement supporting the independent investigation into allegations of player misconduct.

Women Onside is troubled by recent allegations of misconduct and abuse in women’s football, in Australia and abroad. There is no place for bullying, harassment or abuse in football, or anywhere else in our society.

Women Onside welcomes the announcement by Football Australia to provide an independent complaints process via Sport Integrity Australia for current and former players.

All stakeholders in our beautiful game must feel able to speak up about recent and historic incidents in a safe, supportive and trustworthy environment. We strongly urge all players and others connected with the issues to engage with Sport Integrity Australia to ensure a fair and comprehensive review.

Women Onside recognises that these are complex issues that need multifaceted solutions. These solutions will be achieved through respectful and nuanced discussion. We are concerned by the underlying subtext in some commentary that borders on homophobic. We would encourage all stakeholders to engage constructively and sensitively on these issues.


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