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Race, privilege and football

With the #BlackLivesMatter movement challenging us to acknowledge and address issues of race, Women Onside presented Shireen Ahmed, Bruce Djite and Jade North in a unique discussion of how football reflects – and can challenge – the privilege that attaches to race; and what you can do about it.

Observing the BLM movement in the Australian context, we are reminded that racism is everyone’s issue, and there is an opportunity for meaningful change. This webinar brought together three footballers of diverse backgrounds, and sought to understand and learn through hearing their experiences and perspectives.

Moderated by Moya Dodd this event provided an honest discussion of the systems and issues that underlie racism, and offered the opportunity to reflect on what we as individuals can do to help our sport overcome racism, and lead society in doing so.

Held Saturday, 12 September 2020 Via Zoom

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