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Women Onside Joins Forces with Documentary Australia to Promote Trailblazers Film and Gender Equality

Women Onside is thrilled to announce its partnership with Documentary Australia with the highly anticipated Stan Original documentary, "Trailblazers." This impactful collaboration aims to #BlazeATrail for gender equality in sport, celebrating the extraordinary journey and legacy of the Australian women's football team, the Matildas.

"Trailblazers" is a powerful film that chronicles the inspiring story of the Matildas, highlighting their relentless fight for equality and their monumental contributions to women's football in Australia. From humble beginnings of playing in front of small crowds to captivating over 11 million viewers during the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, the Matildas' journey embodies the spirit of perseverance and progress.

As an official impact campaign partner, Women Onside is proud to support the film’s mission to drive change and promote gender equality. Women Onside is a dynamic organisation committed to advancing women in football at all levels. Our mission is to foster inclusion, development, and promotion while advocating for better resources and opportunities for women in football.

"We are excited to partner with 'Trailblazers' to amplify the message of gender equality in sport. This film not only celebrates the remarkable achievements of the Matildas but also serves as a catalyst for ongoing change," said Cheryl Downes, Chair of Women Onside. "Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire and empower more women and girls to pursue their passion for football and achieve their full potential."

The partnership with "Trailblazers" will include various collaborative efforts, such as webinars, screenings, and social media campaigns, to engage audiences and promote the film's impact campaign. These initiatives will connect the community with actionable steps to support gender equality and enhance leadership opportunities for women in sports.

The "Trailblazers" documentary premieres on June 4, 2024, exclusively on Stan. As the release date approaches, Women Onside encourages everyone to watch and share the film, join the conversation, and take action towards achieving gender equality in sports.


About Trailblazers: "Trailblazers" is a Stan Original documentary celebrating the inspiring story of the Australian women's football team, the Matildas. The film highlights their legacy and continued fight for equality, starring football legends Julie Dolan, Sam Kerr, and Steph Catley. The documentary is supported by major partner MECCA M-POWER and driven by Documentary Australia.



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