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Open Letter to Football Australia and Professional Footballers Australia

Congratulations on the Progressive Collective Bargaining Agreement

Dear Football Australia and PFA,

I am reaching out on behalf of Women Onside to express our congratulations on signing the new four-year National Teams Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between Football Australia and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA). This agreement is a significant step forward for gender equality and is a source of inspiration for sports enthusiasts and organisations globally.

The Matildas' journey over the past four years has been remarkable, thanks to the principles of gender equality introduced in the 2019 CBA. This agreement takes these principles to a new level, solidifying them as integral components of the structural frameworks that support both the Matildas and the Socceroos.

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of this new CBA is the adjustment in the payment structure, particularly for the Matildas. The move from a tiered central contract system to a match-based payment system aligns them with the Socceroos, fostering equality across the board. This serves as a reward for national team selection and provides a powerful incentive for players to continuously improve and earn their call-ups, ensuring a more dynamic and competitive landscape.

Another commendable aspect of this new agreement is introducing a scaled share model for revenue distribution. This model directly links players' efforts, revenue generation, and financial incentives, transforming players from mere recipients to engaged business partners. As reflected in this agreement, anticipating a booming women's football economy over the next four years demonstrates a proactive approach that sets a precedent for other sports organisations.

We appreciate the commitment to equal prize money distribution, aligning the Matildas and Socceroos with a 50:50 split of their respective prize pools. The foresight to anticipate FIFA's commitment to equalise Women's World Cup prize money by 2027 further cements the Matildas' position as trailblazers. This forward-thinking approach positions both teams to excel on the field and reap the financial rewards of their success.

The holistic nature of the new CBA encompasses elements such as single rooms at national team camps, business class flights, improved parenting policies, and a commitment to human rights. This commitment highlights the dedication to creating a player-centric environment that recognises players as essential partners in the growth of football in Australia.

In conclusion, this new CBA is a testament to Football Australia's and PFA's collaborative spirit, showcasing a commitment to progress, equality, and innovation. It provides a model for other national federations and sets a benchmark for what true gender equality and player-centric inclusion can look like in sports.

We at Women Onside commend you on this monumental achievement and look forward to witnessing Australian football's continued success and growth under this groundbreaking Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Cheryl Downes


Photo: Getty via PFA, Source


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