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Onside Mentoring Profile: Catherine & Catherine

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Onside Mentoring provides a facilitated approach to mentoring for game-changing female leaders aiming to make a difference in football. Over the next few months, we will profile our 2022 mentees and their mentors - this month, we meet Catherine and Catherine (yes, two Catherines!)

Catherine (Mentee) works as a multi-disciplinary software designer and is also a university student Ambassador. Like many of our mentees, she has many roles in football, including membership of the State Referee Committee and is a State Panel referee and educator. Her main goals as a mentee are to grow her executive and professional skillset, seek further professional development and become a well-rounded advocate and strategist focusing on inclusive policies and cooperation within refereeing, especially for girls and women. Catherine’s strengths include leadership, coaching/teaching, tenacity and the ability to focus on strategy.

Catherine (Mentor) is being mentored by another Catherine, who is a renowned academic and expert in ethics and integrity. She is highly experienced in supporting mentees to achieve their goals through effective communication, including good listening and reflection, and working with mentees to grow and develop to improve the environment and culture within football. Together Catherine and Catherine will engage meaningfully in a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship, with mentee Catherine taking responsibility for her change.


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