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Moya Dodd honoured

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

One of Women Onside's founders and co-convenor of our Governance, Legal and Integrity network, Moya Dodd has been honoured by the University of Adelaide with an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of her work within women's sport and the role of sport in building community both in Australia and the world stage.

In her speech to graduates at the university Moya encouraged them to always strive to be better: "Never accept the status quo as anything but a baseline to improve."

Moya continues her advocacy across a range of fields in football and sport generally. Most recently she was the author of an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald where she reviewed the outsized pressure on all elite sportspeople through the lens of the Naomi Osaka withdrawal from the French Open tennis - Elite athletes have to draw the line somewhere".

Women Onside congratulates Moya and wholeheartedly supports her very football-relevant message.

For more information about Moya read about her here.


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