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Molly's Story: Championing Women in Football Through Journalism and Governance

During National Volunteers Week, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Molly, a dedicated volunteer whose passion for football and journalism has significantly impacted Women Onside. Molly's journey with us began with a fortunate opportunity – a tap on the shoulder from former chair Maria Berry, inviting her to become our Secretary. With a law degree from the University of Tasmania and a career in journalism, Molly eagerly embraced the chance to combine her skills and passion for women’s football.

Molly’s love for football led her into journalism, where writing about women’s football ignited her career. Her professional journey includes roles as a digital editor at The Mercury in Hobart, past sports journalist at The Advocate Newspaper in Burnie, Tasmania, and various contributions to The Women's Game, Beyond 90, Football Tasmania, and The Guardian. Molly’s extensive experience in both law and media uniquely positioned her to make a meaningful contribution to Women Onside.

Volunteering has always been a core value for Molly, instilled in her from a young age through her involvement in sports. "Not only is volunteering rewarding in itself, but it’s also opened up incredible doors I never thought possible and helped me make friends for life," she shares. Molly’s journey with Women Onside has been no exception, offering her opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Her personal growth is a testament to the transformative power of volunteering.

Molly believes that volunteering is crucial in sports. "Volunteering keeps the wheels on the bus, keeps you grounded, and is what gets people on the park playing sport on a weekend," she explains. Her advice to potential volunteers is simple yet powerful: "Just throw your hand up, even if it’s doing dishes at the canteen or refereeing a small-sided game."

Molly’s role as Company Secretary in 2022 at Women Onside was complemented by her participation in the Onside Mentoring program, where she sought guidance on leveraging her law degree and media skills. Under the mentorship of Heather, a seasoned football executive with over 40 years of experience, Molly gained invaluable insights into regulatory matters and career development.

Molly’s trademark enthusiasm is evident as she looks to the future: “I’m looking forward to being part of growing future opportunities for women in football. And using my law degree,” she says. Her aspirations align perfectly with Women Onside’s mission to advocate for gender equality and the development of women’s football in Australia. Her role is not just significant, but crucial in this ongoing fight for equality in sports.

Molly’s story powerfully reminds us of the impact volunteers can have in driving positive change. Her dedication to Women Onside and passion for football and journalism continue to inspire us all. As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, we honour Molly and all our volunteers who play a crucial role in empowering women in football.


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