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Join Women in Football UK's 'Open Doors Agenda' Campaign

We want to bring your attention to an important initiative by our partners at Women in Football UK (WIF). Their "Open Doors Agenda" campaign aims to create a safe, welcoming environment for women in football, both on and off the field. We have the opportunity to contribute significantly to this cause.

WIF is urging FIFA and other football governing bodies to take action towards diverse leadership, transparency, anti-discrimination measures, and reporting pathways. They want to establish at least 30% female membership in general assemblies and executive committees and include independent, non-executive members in national association executive committees. WIF also advocates for policies and sanctions against discrimination, abuse, inappropriate physical contact, and sexual harassment into the statutes of football's governing bodies, with appropriate consequences for violations. Increased representation of women in football is essential for transforming the sport's culture. We urge you to add your name to the call for reform and support this initiative. By doing so, we can help foster gender inclusivity and make the sport more secure and welcoming for all. Join the movement by adding your name to the call for reform at the following link: here. Let's unite and amplify Women in Football UK's essential message. Together, we can create a more inclusive future for all. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to advancing women in sports. For more information, visit Women in Football UK’s site: here.


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