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In-depth conversations on Beyond 90

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Beyond 90 has an important place in the Australian women's football community. With a team of writers and podcasters, Beyond 90 provides in-depth coverage across the range of women's football competitions in Australia and overseas where Australians are playing.

As well as its regular W-League season podcasts featuring reviews and discussions, Beyond 90 has been exploring some key issues in women's football in interviews with movers and shakers in Australian women's football. In particular we recommend three recent interviews with some special people in the women's football scene: Leah Blayney, Head Coach Women’s U20 National Team (Young Matildas) and the Emerging Matildas Rae Dower, Football Australia Women’s Technical Advisor and Head Coach Women’s U17 National Team (Junior Matildas) Sarah Walsh, Football Australia's Head of Women's Football, Women's World Cup Legacy & Inclusion You can find Leah's interview here. And Rae's in depth discussion here. And Sarah is here. And while in podcast mode we also suggest the Beyond 90 conversation with Dr Lee McGowan “History is a Weapon”. Dr Lee is the co-author of Never Say Die: The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football. He also has a great accent. Listen in here.


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