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Getting on Board delivers again

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

By popular demand the second season of our leadership development masterclass series Getting on Board was brought back in September 2022.

Twenty diverse and dynamic women undertook an intense interactive governance education experience.

This year’s program was based on last year’s successful model.

The focus was on equipping women to take their next step in football governance so that we can have more women in key football governance positions around Australia at national, state, association and club level.

(Women Onside tracks statistics on women in key governance roles in Australian football – go here for the state of play as at June 2021. )

About the program

There were three online sessions led by proven professionals in football governance.

The three sessions covered critical areas for aspiring and current women board members and included opportunities for participants to interact with the presenters.

"The Director Journey” hosted by Nicki Bowman with Jane Purdon and Janette Spencer shared insights on governance obligations, skills and the differences between committees and boards.

"Governance 101” with Robyn Fitzroy, Nicki Bowman and Kerry Harris provided key information on governance principles, financial literacy and meeting strategy.

“Getting There and Being Effective” with Nicki Bowman and Kerry Harris looked at nomination and election processes and the electioneering and purposeful networking skills you need to win that role and to be effective going forward. Breakout sessions, hosted by Amy Chapman and Heather Reid as well as Nicki, Janette and Kerry, worked closely with participants on planning their governance journeys.

Times and dates

Dates for the three sessions were:

Wednesday 1 September

Wednesday 8 September

Wednesday15 September.

All sessions ran from at 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm AEST.

Program presenters

We assembled a top-notch group of presenters for this program with extensive experience in governance, management and football.

Nicki Bowman is a leadership consultant with a background in both corporate and not-for-profit worlds. Her football experience includes leadership as a Director of Football South Coast. To learn more about Nicki check out her website and LinkedIn.

Janette Spencer is currently a member of Football Australia's Women’s Council and Nominations Committee. She has a long football history, including the board of Football West (and now Life Member), President of Women's Soccer WA and director of Women's Soccer Australia as well as professional management experience in local government and community services. Read more about Janette on LinkedIn.

Jane Purdon is CEO of Women in Football the United Kingdom's premier advocacy group supporting women in football. Jane previous worked in leading roles for Sport UK, the English Premier League and Sunderland AFC. You can read more about Jane on the WIF website.

Robyn Fitzroy is a finance industry executive and professional director with a vast array of experience in corporate and not-for-profit governance. Robyn is presently a director of Football Australia and has been leading a governance review for FA. You can find more about Robyn at LinkedIn.

Kerry Harris is a management consultant with a background in sport and NFP business system design and financial literacy training. She is an experienced football and NFP non-executive director. For more info visit her website

Amy Chapman is a former Matilda and W-League player and football commentator for Fox Sports. Amy is currently a director of Football Queensland as well as territory manager for a leading international medical technology firm. Read more about Amy on LinkedIn.

Heather Reid is a former Chief Executive of Capital Football and director of Football Australia. She has over 40 years experience in football from setting up and running the Australian National University club, establishing the premier national participation tournament the Kanga Cup to leading the Canberra United W-League team. Read more about Heather here.


Price for the full series was $75 for Women Onside members and $100 for non-members.


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