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Gender equality achieved through crisis: Football Australia. Catherine Ordway PhD

Congratulations to Women Onside member Catherine Ordway on having your case study published on the process undertaken to achieve gender equality in football governance within FA, including Women Onside’s key advocacy and consultation during the 2017 crisis.

This is a significant achievement that deserves recognition and celebration. The process of achieving gender equality in football governance is crucial, as it can have a significant impact on the representation and participation of women in the sport. Women have historically been underrepresented in decision-making roles in football, which has led to a lack of diversity and limited opportunities for women in the sport.

Catherine's case study provides valuable insights into the steps taken to address these issues and achieve gender equality in football governance at Football Australia. It is essential to share these success stories and best practices to inspire others to take similar steps and promote gender equality in all areas of sports.

You can read Catherine's full article at Taylor and Francis's International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics website here.


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