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Football 4 Good

Exploring “Football 4 Good”, creating positive social impacts through football, with Moya Dodd and Anne Bunde-Birouste.

We all know the power of football goes well beyond the match experience and individual benefit. Beyond the traditional football sector is football used purposefully as a tool for positive social change, “Football 4 Good”.

Football 4 Good brings together individuals and organisations dedicated to taking the good of football beyond the matches and playing fields.

Football 4 Good is a wide-ranging concept that includes football programs that work with people with disabilities, the homeless, newly arrived migrants, Indigenous communities, kids and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and more.

Join us for an informal zoom and brainstorm with Women Onside members and potential members who are interested and/or engaged in the Football 4 Good movement – creating positive social impacts through football.

Together we’ll explore:

  1. What is the Football 4 Good movement?

  2. Who is active in Australia in this sector? (If that’s you, you can introduce yourself and your initiative.)

  3. What does the movement look like globally, and how is it connected and active?

  4. What can we achieve through Football 4 Good in the lead-up to 2023? How can we get the ball rolling?

  5. Moving forward: would we like to establish a group? Perhaps we can network and provide support, share knowledge and opportunities, and/or engage in advocacy for the F4G movement.

Please join Anne Bunde-Birouste (founder of Football United) & former Matilda Moya Dodd for this discussion – and feel free to spread the word!

Date/time/place: Monday 23 November 2020, 8 pm Eastern summertime

Via Zoom

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