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Focus on youth - Kick Konnect

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Australian produced webinar series providing key information for aspiring young women players.

KICK Konnect is an exciting youth-focused webinar series produced by Gold Leaf Creative's Dean Georgio and facilitated by Jen Wilmott. (You may know Gold Leaf's other work in football the TV documentary series "KICK" which has followed the journeys of girls in the football talent development pathway.)

Created from the findings of focus groups conducted during the 2020, this series was “by girls, for girls” targeting the areas of the game youth players felt were missing from their environments. The panellists were deliberately selected to provide different perspectives (age and experience) and constructed to provide key game changers coupled with discussion and questions.

The recent Zoom-based webinar series was aimed at young women players, their coaches and parents. The webinars presented a mix of topics and uniquely brought together adult coaches and experts, current senior players and the young women themselves.

There were three webinar broadcasts, all hosted by Jen. The series is definitely recommended viewing for keen players who want to set themselves on the talented player pathway. And for their coaches and parents.

Episode 1 -The Pathways, featuring Rae Dower (Football Australia Women's Technical Advisor and Head Coach, U17 Women's National Team),Emma Checker (Matildas and W-League player), Claudia Mihocic (national youth team and W League Player) and Miette Georgio (founder and Co Producer of KICK television series and NPLW Victoria player).

You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 2 - Fuel For Success, featuring Rae Dower, Alicia Edge (advanced sports dietitian with Compeat Nutrition and Performance Dietician for the Matildas), and national youth team players Grace Taranto and Holly Murray. Really practical, myth-busting information and advice about what, when and how young athletes should be eating.

You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 3 -Optimising Health and Performance for Female Athletes, featuring Rae Dower, Brandi Cole (sport and exercise medicine physician with Shire Sports Medicine and national womens football team doctor),Victoria Balomenos (sports physiotherapist, national team physio) and national youth team players Sophia Sakalis and Nia Stamatopoulos.

You can watch the full episode here.


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