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Are you looking to get involved with the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023?

Building on the excellent discussions during Wednesday night’s webinar, we have gathered some key information to help you #getinvolved and help make this the best FIFA Women’s World Cup!

To get all the latest news, interview and share exclusive moments follow our Matilda’s journey through PlayFootball and OurGame.

Fan/Supporter Groups

Australian Women's Football Supporters Inc is a not for profit group that exists to provide a space for fans of women's football to come together. They exist to encourage, promote and grow support for women's football in Australia. Matildas Active Support is their active support group for Australia's national team, The Matildas

Friends of Football is an independent group of people, operating primarily in Auckland, with a common interest in sharing their love of the ‘beautiful game’ and its rich and proud history as the globe’s most popular team sport.

Work and Volunteer at WWC2023

Photo source: Football Australia,


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