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Afghan Football Support Network

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Women Onside has formed an Afghan Football Support Network to assist members of the Afghan football community, especially the women internationals following their evacuation from Kabul.

You will all be aware of the devastating situation in Afghanistan and the evacuation of members of the Afghanistan women's national football team some of whom are now on their way to Australia as refugees and others who are waiting at overseas airports.

Women Onside has made a commitment to assist. We are proud that members of Women Onside were able to directly assist in the evacuation, connecting those in need via our networks, then providing real-time contacts and support for some of the evacuees on their extraordinary, dangerous journey to Kabul airport. We continue to be in contact with them and look forward to welcoming them once they clear quarantine.

Afghan Football Support Network - register now

We have now formed an Afghan Football Support Network to assist the women football internationals and their families. Women Onside Director Asma Mirzae and Anne Bunde-Birouste are leading the support group. Asma is herself a former Afghan refugee. Anne is a founder of refugee community football organisation Football United and director of global non-government organisation Streetfootballworld.

We are working with others - both in Australia and internationally - to best understand the women's situation and provide the right assistance.

If you would like to join us in supporting the players and others in their football journey, please register your interest so we can update you in the coming weeks.

Fund Raising Program - you can give now!

We have also set up a fundraising program under the auspices of the Australian Sports Foundation to help the Network. Through the Australian Sports Foundation, any donation over $2 is tax deductible so please give generously today!


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