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Advancing Women in Sport Interim Report

Michelle Redfern, a leader in corporate and sporting fields, conducted a research study that highlights the gender gap in sports leadership roles. Shockingly, only 3.9% of women hold CEO positions in sports, compared to 16.5% across all sectors. Redfern initiated research to understand the experiences of women in the Australian sports sector, discovering alarming gender inequalities. She started a podcast called "Not Just a Statistic" to share stories of women in sports roles, highlighting the need to bridge the gap between awareness and action.

Redfern's latest research focuses on "The Boys Club" and explores shifts in attitudes towards gender equality in sports workplaces. While progress is evident, barriers to women's advancement persist, emphasising the need for ongoing efforts.

The 2023 Advancing Women in Sports survey shows that 55% of respondents believe gender inequality still exists in their workplaces, with 70% indicating that gender-based discrimination is not fully tolerated, suggesting room for improvement. Redfern advocates for government-set targets for sporting organisations linked to funding, emphasising that money and incentives are crucial for transformative change.

The report acknowledges intersectionality and highlights the need for inclusive strategies to address the challenges faced by women of colour. Redfern's ongoing research promises additional insights in 2024, reinforcing the collective effort needed to close the leadership gender gap in sports.

To learn more about advancing women in sports and to be part of the movement, please visit the website and read the interim report.


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